Buddy Walk Sign Up is HERE!!!

Did you wake up this morning wondering how you could help spread ACCEPTANCE AND AWARENESS for Down Syndrome?  I know, me too!!  Here’s the answer…

Join SUPER CADE & the Sidekicks for the annual Down Syndrome Buddy Walk!

October 7, 2017  11:00-2:00


It’s truly a family friendly, super fun, INCLUSIVE event including a T-Shirt, Walk, Lunch, and Carnival Games!!  Check out some pictures from last year, and GET SIGNED UP!!



Click Here to Join SUPER CADE & the Sidekicks


Unfortunately I can’t link you directly to our Team this year; however, after registering all participants, it will ask if you want to join a team.  Here you will be able to search teams and find…

Super Cade & the Sidekicks!  We can’t wait to celebrate with you!  



Things I’ve Painted since “Spring”

Many of you know of my addiction to spray paint, and that I feel it is the key to world peace.  I LOVE it.  Every year when it warms up, I get excited and start “sprucing up” outside.  I love planting flowers, setting up our outdoor areas and landscaping; although I am not very good at it.  This year is no exception!!!

I’ve now painted…

My outdoor furniture… TWICE

First black…

Then RED!!! 

I’m loving the red!!

These I didn’t paint, but the EAT sign I did.

Our window well covers

Our garage door

Our garage fridge and deep freeze

My kitchen chairs…

Our outdoor lights… (and house number)

Living room furniture…

Twice… Now the tables are red!

I’m kind of loving the Red and Black right now.  Can you tell? 😉.

I’ve had really great help!

He actually loves to “paint” (thank goodness)


Yes, quite possibly, but if you’re feeling blah grab a can of spray paint.  It seriously will solve all of your problems.  Well, maybe not all of your problems, but it will bring a little color to your world!

Thoughts of a Broken Hearted Educator…

Last night, I spoke to a room packed full of community members, parents, teachers, news crews, Board Members & administration and let me tell you 3 minutes goes fast when you are passionate about your topic.

My heart is broken because the people I have the utmost respect and admiration were thrown under the bus BY ME.  WHY, I’m too long winded!

Bottom Line:  One of the best administrators I ever worked for had a philosophy…

Hire Good People & Watch them Do Their Magic

My point last night was that we have taken away what really matters in education and that is teachers’ ability to assess the needs of their students and MEET THOSE NEEDS. 

We are making teachers, people who LOVE children, are passionate about education and the learning process and who want our children to succeed more than anyone else, ROBOTS!!

We have taken their right to teach our children away.

How, by mandating exactly what they teach, how they teach, when they teach it and at what time of the day.

There is no longer time to build relationships and truly engage children.   There is no time for children to collaborate with one another, analyze, evaluate, & create.  Which, by the way, are the 3 top levels of thinking on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Do we need to teach the standards?  ABSOLUTELY, but we need to give our teachers the credit that they deserve and allow them to choose the BEST, MOST EFFECTIVE, ENGAGING & DARE I SAY FUN way to do just that.

Please cut their apron strings and watch them fly!  They’ll achieve things with kids you didn’t even know was possible!

Now, GUESS who pays the price for our decisions… STUDENTS, our future.  Unfortunately, kids do not have the choice to leave or seek out better options for themselves.  They must stay the course.  A course dare I say many adults would not be able to handle.  I dare you to sit in a child’s seat for a day.   We have forgotten how truly little they are.  We have thrown best practices out the window in order to cram knowledge down their throats.   I truly believe it is coming from a good place, but before putting practices in place for littles I dare you to go through what they do in a day, and then ask yourself, “Is this the best way?”